Traditionally successful

Milestones in the company’s 160 years of history

In the middle of the 19th century, an atmosphere of change pervaded the Hanseatic cities: large shipping companies were founded, and trade with faraway countries began to flourish. Lampe & Schwartze has been providing international transport insurance since 1858 — initially at our own account and risk.

In keeping with the Hanseatic tradition, we developed our business on the foundation of determination, common sense and diligence. Guided by an understanding of the market, we then steered the company into the waters of property insurance for trade and industry in 1928.

We were able to improve our market position significantly through the merger of the two partner-managed firms Lampe & Schierenbeck and Buse & Schwartze in 1998. Today, the Lampe & Schwartze Group is one of the ten largest insurance intermediaries in Germany, and unlike many others, it is medium-sized and privately owned and managed.

Lampe & Schwartze KG

1998 - A perfect fit: the two companies merge to form Lampe & Schwartze KG, which then grows to become one of Germany’s leading insurance companies.

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Buse & Schwartze

1908 - Company founded by Diedrich Buse and Rudolf Schwartze on 1 July 1908 in Bremen.

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Lampe & Schierenbeck

1858 - On June 10th, Wilhelm Murtfeldt founds an insurance intermediary with his name in Bremen – its focus is on marine insurance.