Buse & Schwartze

1908 - Establishment of Buse & Schwartze

Company founded by Diedrich Buse and Rudolf Schwartze on 1 July 1908 in Bremen.

1911 - Heinrich Löffler joins as partner

Heinrich Löffler joins the company as a partner. Thanks to his effort, the renowned transport insurance company UNION in Szczecin (later Nordstern, now AXA) is gained as an agent.

1917 - Set-up and development of Securitas VAG

Rudolf Schwartze is a co-founder of Securitas VAG in Berlin, which as a board member he builds up to one of the leading transport insurers in the 1920s and 1930s.

1937 - A difficult year – death of Rudolf Schwartze

Death of Rudolf Schwartze.

1939 - Albrecht Wandel joins as partner

Albrecht Wandel joins the management and becomes a personally liable partner.

1945 - Generation change in Schwartze family

Herbert Schwartze becomes a personally liable Partner.

1960 - Expansion of activities to include sea damage business

Sea damage business is further expanded.

1969 - Michael Grobien joins as partner

Michael Grobien joins the management as a personally liable Partner.

1978 - Werner Haase joins as partner

Werner Haase, long-time authorised officer at the company, becomes personally liable Partner.

1990 - A “nutritious” focus from South America…

The food, beverage and tobacco industry with extensive foreign operations becomes the focus, especially in South America. Buse & Schwartze works as general average adjuster for a number of international clients.

1995 - Generation change in Grobien family

Andre Grobien joins the management as a personally liable Partner.