Lampe & Schierenbeck

1850 - Atmosphere of change in the Hanseatic cities

An atmosphere of change pervades the Hanseatic cities, large shipping companies are established and trade with faraway countries begins to flourish. The level of risk on the high seas is higher than on land, and thus the demand for marine insurance grows – probably the oldest branch of the insurance industry.

1858 - Establishment of Lampe und Schierenbeck

On 10 June, Wilhelm Murtfeldt founds an insurance intermediary with his name in Bremen – its focus is on marine insurance.

1888 - Addition of new business areas

In addition to marine insurance, further sectors are added: Murtfeldt’s company becomes a general average adjuster.

1890 - First renaming to Louis A. Murtfeldt

Renamed to Louis A. Murtfeldt, the son of Wilhelm, who heads the company as its sole proprietor until 1903. As the risks that are to be underwritten increase, public limited insurance companies step up as investors and with full underwriting authority, the company obtains far-reaching signatory power.

1896 - Start of cooperation with Allianz

Allianz signs an agency Agreement.

1903 - An important development period begins

The authorised officers Johann Friedrich Lampe and Friedrich Wilhelm Schierenbeck join the company and give it their names in 1906. An important period of development Begins.

1921 - Generation and leadership change

The sons Friedrich Christian and C. J. Wilhelm Schierenbeck become partners and take over the management of the company. Involvement in the board of the Bremer Seeversicherer association, in the German Association of Transport Insurers (Deutscher Transportversicherungsverband) and Germanischer Lloyd.

1928 - Expansion of activities to include property insurance and sea damage business

Georg Friedrich Lampe becomes co-owner and establishes the property insurance and the sea damage business in addition to the transport insurance business. Shipyards in Bremen, and the aircraft and tobacco industry are insured.

1945 - Post-war reconstruction begins

Rebuilding of the transport branch by Wilhelm Schierenbeck and Georg Lampe. As part of the reconstruction of Germany and Europe, expansion to include industrial and operational insurances for factories, power plants, oil refineries and construction projects at home and abroad.

1952 - An important cooperation with a major English partner begins

Georg Lampe becomes the general representative for Germany for one of England’s biggest insurance companies.

1957 - Dr. jur. Hans-Joachim Enge joins as partner

Dr. jur. Hans-Joachim Enge, previously a lecturer at German Insurance Academy (Deutsche Versicherungsakademie) and author of various transport insurance law textbooks, joins the firm as a partner. Increased expansion of the transport business, especially the area of ship insurances.

1973 - Expansion to three areas, Friedel Wendisch joins

Friedel Wendisch, part of the company since 1957, becomes personally liable partner in addition to Dr. Hans-Joachim Enge. The business activities now span three areas:

  • Transport insurance underwriters
  • Underwriting management for Northern Assurance Company
  • Insurance intermediary / multiple agent
1987 - Generation change in Wendisch family

Dr. Patrick Wendisch succeeds his father and becomes personally liable partner of Lampe und Schierenbeck.

1990 - Generation change in Enge family

Hans-Christoph Enge succeeds his father and joins the management of Lampe & Schierenbeck as personally liable Partner.