Our principles

Insuring is our passion

We aim for the new and provide insurance solutions to clients at home and abroad, protecting businesses with fascination and our collective experience for 160 years now.

We act independently and courageously but remain grounded at all times. It is with pride that we look back on our history, and with joy into the future. Together, we work to ensure that clients and business partners alike continue to appreciate us as a welcome exception in the insurance world.

The brightest minds for good business

All employees pursue a common goal at Lampe & Schwartze: first-class service. We employ engineers, captains, lawyers, business administrators and economists, and insurance managers who are largely trained in-house. Employees of many different nationalities enrich our international service team.

The know-how of our employees is our most important asset. This is why we promote talent and offer attractive career prospects: to win over competent specialists and keep them.