“Gathering work experience from the very beginning”

Felix L., studying “Business Administration – Bachelor of Arts” at Akademie der Wirtschaft Bremen

Why did you choose the co-operative education programme?
I wanted to study and gather work experience from the very beginning, and consider this — compared with a university degree — as the greatest perk of the co-operative education programme. This way, we are on the cutting edge and know exactly what is taking place in the insurance industry.

What do you like about Akademie der Wirtschaft?
I like the relatively small groups at the academy. 20 people aren’t a lot. As a result, you can head to the lecturer and ask questions after the lecture. My fellow students are from different industries, for example the trade and industry sector. This makes for multifaceted and interesting studies.

What are your career plans?
After graduating, I have several options at Lampe & Schwartze. I haven’t decided yet. The good thing is that I get to know many areas of the company thanks to my training. This way, I can find out what really excites me, and what my personal interests and abilities are. Together with the training managers, a timely decision is made on which department is the best fit. I look forward to my future career at Lampe & Schwartze. We are being optimally prepared for future challenges. The extensive expertise of our colleagues provides the perfect basis for this.

How would you sum this up?
Lampe & Schwartze KG is the ideal training facility for successfully completing my studies. They take care of their students and trainees, and place great value on their development and later employment. I am looking forward to the remaining semesters, and I am glad that I am able to complete my studies at Lampe & Schwartze.

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