“In the thick of it”

Jana H., 21 years old

Jana H., 21 years old, currently training as a specialist in insurance and finance. She is a 2nd year apprentice.

What advantage does the commercial apprenticeship offer?
The advantage of the commercial apprenticeship is the varied working life thanks to the part-time education. While you learn the necessary skills at the vocational school in subjects such as politics, controlling or presentation and communication techniques, you can apply them directly in the company as related to practice. During the apprenticeship, a direct relationship of experience gathered through communication, work organisation and time management to everyday work is created.

In which department in Lampe & Schwartze do you work?
Apprentices have their own individual training plan at Lampe & Schwartze. This plan specifies the period in which you work in which department, and who the personal mentor in this department is. So we get to know different departments and are involved in everyday business as much as possible.

What are your career plans?
After my examination at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, I have good chances for a successful start at Lampe & Schwartze. Which department I will work in will be decided together with the training managers. Since you work in various departments throughout your apprenticeship, it is easy to find out what interests you most, and what your abilities and strengths are. In order for me to achieve my professional goals and develop my skills, Lampe & Schwartze offers a wide range of internal and external further and continuing education opportunities.

How would you sum this up?
I am very happy to be able to train at Lampe & Schwartze KG. In 12 different departments, I get to know many different lines of business — from health insurance to transport insurance for large container ships. I have a great advantage at vocational school thanks to internal training, and I am optimally prepared for the final exams. Then, with the high employment rate at Lampe & Schwartze, I will have the best chances for permanent employment.

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