A special kind business

Insurance means trust

We think and act in line with the Hanseatic tradition. Our work is characterised by open-mindedness, client orientation, innovation and diligence. Lampe & Schwartze, a partner-managed and independent insurance provider, is run with long-term business relationships in mind.

The Lampe & Schwartze Group has won a nationwide and international competitive edge based on outstanding expertise, and with 240 employees it is one of the ten largest medium-sized and privately owned insurance intermediaries in Germany.

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We are also there for you in these times!


The current COVID-19 situation presents us with both professional and private life challenges.

"Safety first" is the motto, which we are all following, whether we are in insurance or not. What can be taken for granted is however our continued high level of service, even in these times!

The only difference is that many are now working from their home office, but all are still available, as usual, by phone or digital means / internet.

Wishing you, your teams and your family all the best. Stay safe!