As an insurance broker, we offer you special know-how and enormous buying power—even for complex international risks.

Know-how &
buying power

Business segment: BROKING Identifying and competently managing risks

Is your insurance fireproof? Do your coverage concepts truly consider the technical risks that are liable to cause damage and consequential loss? In the Broking segment, you are dealing with a team of experts who know the specific requirements of your industry just as well as you do. We use this know-how and our exceptional buying power to handle even highly complex, international risks.

Your insurance broker on land, at sea and in space: Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung

Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung
Onshore, offshore, and in space

Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung is a long-established agency with an excellent reputation all around the world. Our portfolio ranges from commodities such as coffee and cocoa, comprising the global logistics industry, among others, to key technologies such as the aerospace industry.

Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung offers specific know-how and an enormous buying power to handle even highly complex, international risks.

As a Hanseatic, owner-operated and independent agency, Lampe & Schwartze Assekuranzvermittlung operates on the basis of traditional business virtues. Our business relationships, which are based on mutual trust and durability, are characterised by honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, and commitment.

Your insurance broker with unique expertise for global projects: NW Assekuranz

NW Assekuranz
Unique specialist knowledge for global projects

NW Assekuranz is very passionate about innovation: When trendsetting industries emerge, companies move into uncharted territory, or innovative technologies open up unexpected opportunities, NW Assekuranz develops the appropriate insurance solutions. We have the courage to take risks, tried and tested know-how, and a team of specialists consisting of engineers, business economists, and legal and insurance experts.

Our skills and experience include global, highly complex risk management and insurance solutions for the global industry. From small car dealers through to the largest offshore wind farm. This way, NW Assekuranz has become one of the most important insurance brokers for the wind power industry in the world—there is hardly a mega project that they are not involved in.

You benefit from a kind of technology know-how that you will not find anywhere else, and from the extraordinary buying power of one of the largest independent insurance brokers on the market.

Partner Broker: Cooperation for complex risks

Cooperation for complex risks

Partner Broker puts the expertise of the Lampe & Schwartze Group at the disposal of other insurance brokers, in-house brokers, in-house insurance departments, or insurance companies.

Within the framework of collaborations on an equal footing, we develop tailor-made coverage concepts, in particular in the field of complex industrial insurances. The team of Partner Broker always remains in the background in order to strengthen the position of the cooperation partner—e.g. in the case of complex major damage or loss, and the assertion of insurance claims.


The Lampe & Schwartze Group is divided into three business segments: Underwriting, Broking and Services.
The companies that work in each of these segments provide comprehensive insurance solutions, services, and a risk management that goes far beyond the usual standards.

Access to a unique network of global insurance solutions and competent advice

Excellent risk management and brokerage of insurance cover for companies

Comprehensive services for risk and claims management