Underwriting with Lampe & Schwartze: Your access to a unique network of global insurance service providers and sovereign risk management

Network for
major risks

Business segment: UNDERWRITING Optimal placement of insurances

The Lampe & Schwartze Group has more than 160 years' global insurance expertise in the Underwriting segment. You benefit from huge coverage volumes—for example, every other cup of coffee consumed in Germany is insured by us. Your advantage: We have been granted extensive signatory powers. Our Underwriting Team is authorised to sign by a large number of insurance companies both in the field of transport insurance and property insurance. One contact, many insurance solutions: You get direct access to a global network, and you benefit from exceptional, customised coverage capacities.

Lampe & Schwartze Marine Underwriting: Your specialist for complex risks

Expert for complex risks

Marine Underwriting draws a direct line to our company's origins: As one of the leading underwriting agents, our company holds a corner on the market where the client, the broker and the insurer interact. Marine Underwriting is currently authorised to sign on behalf of 28 companies with a global reputation, most of which are A-rated. Both medium-sized companies and global corporations benefit from exceptional capacities and highly specialised insurance concepts.

Furthermore, clients profit from a comprehensive risk management that goes far beyond the usual standards: Our experts—engineers, captains, legal experts, business economists, and logistics and insurance experts—are on site for you around the globe, even in remote ports, along the transport routes, and at your production facilities.

Almost 100 national and international insurance brokers appreciate the trusting cooperation and fast decision-making.

Inprimus | Insuring what is special to you

Insuring what is special to you

What is special to you deserves a special treatment: Inprimus insures extraordinary values. Our team has been assisting wealthy private individuals with tailor-made solutions since 2010.

In this context, we have developed PrivArte—an exclusive policy that combines various risk carriers, creating optimal insurance solutions for highly valuable assets.

High service standards, quick processing of your concerns, exceptional expert knowledge: You can trust our experts!

Roland Special Risk Solutions: Coverage for unconventional risks

Coverage for unconventional risks

As a Preferred Partner of Munich RE, Roland SRS is Germany's expert for the coverage of unconventional insurance risks. Accordingly, the work of the long-established company starts where other insurers shun the risk—e.g. in the field of serial damage.

A single error in the design, production or specification of an industrially manufactured mass product (e.g. a gearbox, bearing or rotor) often jeopardises a company's balance sheet. In such a case (e.g. also in the case of a pure defect), Roland SRS steps in as a risk transfer solution—with pioneering spirit, technical know-how, and great pleasure in innovative ideas.



The Lampe & Schwartze Group is divided into three business segments: Underwriting, Broking and Services.
The companies that work in each of these segments provide comprehensive insurance solutions, services, and a risk management that goes far beyond the usual standards.

Access to a unique network of global insurance solutions and competent advice

Excellent risk management and brokerage of insurance cover for companies

Comprehensive services for risk and claims management