Cracked shop window of a shop: Clarify and enforce claims with Schadenwächter


Business segment: SERVICES Claims and risk management

Lampe & Schwartze does not only provide brokerage services, but comprehensive risk and claims management services as well. Cost transparency, defence against modern-day piracy, and the assertion of recourse claims are just some aspects of our range of services.

Claims and risk management with Lampe & Schwartze Claims Services

Claims and risk management

Lampe & Schwartze Claims Services is a service provider in the field of claims and risk management, specialising in transport logistics. The company's roots are in the traditional surveyor business. Today, Lampe & Schwartze Claims Services GmbH is a modern full-service provider who deals with the entire process from the initial damage assessment to the settlement of the claim and effective recourse for clients in the fields of commodity trading, insurance, shipping, and logistics.

You are dealing with a team of experts in the fields of insurance, navigation, technology, logistics and transport law—and you benefit from our interdisciplinary know-how, which becomes a crucial factor for a reliable management.

Green umbrella in front of a rain-soaked street | We won't leave you out in the rain: Optimise total risk costs with Lampe & Schwartze Risk Management

Analyses and concepts for operational risk prevention

The specialists at Lampe & Schwartze Risk Management examine all assets and processes in your company from an insurance perspective. With exceptional know-how and decades of experience, the experts analyze, advise and support you in the areas of fire protection, business interruption, claims management, cyber security and even supply chain management. This enables you to decide together with your insurance partner which loss scenarios you want to insure and which you do not. In addition, you receive concrete recommendations for action to eliminate existing risks in advance.

The analyses and evaluations of Lampe & Schwartze Risk Management provide transparency for substantiated decisions in all significant risk management processes.

Cracked shop window of a shop: Clarify and enforce claims with Schadenwächter

Clarifying and asserting claims

Schadenwächter GmbH assists companies when an insurance does not recognise an event of damage or loss, in part or in its entirety, and/or if the settlement is delayed or incorrect.

A team of insurance experts and legal experts reviews your contracts and assists you quickly, reliably and in a reputable manner to make sure that you con quickly assert your rights and prevent consequential damage, e.g. due to downtimes in production.


The Lampe & Schwartze Group is divided into three business segments: Underwriting, Broking and Services.
The companies that work in each of these segments provide comprehensive insurance solutions, services, and a risk management that goes far beyond the usual standards.

Access to a unique network of global insurance solutions and competent advice

Excellent risk management and brokerage of insurance cover for companies

Comprehensive services for risk and claims management


Die Lampe & Schwartze Group ist in die Geschäftsbereiche Underwriting, Broking und Services strukturiert.
Die Gesellschaften in den verschiedenen Bereichen bieten Ihnen umfassende Versicherungslösungen und ein Risikomanagement,
das weit über die Standards hinausgeht.

Ihr Zugang zu einem einzigartigen Netz globaler Versicherungslösungen und souveräner Beratung

Exzellentes Risikomanagement und Vermittlung von Versicherungsschutz für Unternehmen

Full-Service-Dienstleistungen für Schaden- und Risikomanagement